,,Design passing through the hearts of Your customers".

X-ray, it is:

- efficiency of services converted to Your company profit

- 18 years of experience in graphic design, branding, marketing, project management, lean management

- original and innovative services that provide Your company leading position in the market

- relationship with You based on respect, confidence and partnership



,,X-ray for efficiency."

The mission of the X-ray is the supply of efficient services to ensure your organization leadership position in every market.

The vision of X-ray is to become a global giant providing premium services in the field of branding, marketing and lean management consulting with branches around the world.

The Corporate social responsibility (CSR) of X-ray focuses around the project: ,,Equal opportunities in work". The project is based on promoting the employment of people without experience, regardless of age, gender, education, etc.



X-ray guarantees the efficiency of its services in graphic design, branding, marketing, project management, or lean management, thanks to which your company will be able to take a permanent position of market leader.

The characteristic feature of X-ray is efficiency, innovation and originality of the services. Passion for creation, commitment and total dedication in the implementation of the mission for the client, makes the effectiveness of service beyond expectations of each client.

We offer graphic design:
- logos
- business cards
- letterheads
- rubber stamps
- leaflets
- catalogues
- folders
- posters
- calendars
- signboards
- stands
- billboards
- printings on t-shirts and gadgets
- printing on foil
- web pages
- web banners
- packaging
- exhibition stands
- animation for the YouTube
- press advertisement
- book covers and illustrations
- for social media
- etc.

In area of building brands we offer:
- branding
- rebranding

In marketing we offer:
- marketing research
- the strategy 4P and 7P
- marketing plans
- marketing campaigns
- email marketing
- inbound marketing
- ambient marketing
- affiliate marketing
- buzz marketing
- viral marketing
- guerrilla marketing
- video marketing
- content marketing
- Facebook marketing
- Google marketing
- LinkedIn marketing
- Instagram marketing
- YouTube marketing
- remarketing

In scope of Project Management we offer:
- creation of projects (also EU)
- implementation of projects
- audit of projects

In conception of Lean Management we offer:
- cost optimization
- process optimization
- implementation of the lean tools
- creation of projects LM
- implementation of projects LM